Other activities

  • XXI Computer Science International School
  • Meeting RedUNCI
  • Conferences:
    – Is data enough to get information? The role of models and simulation. Emilio Luque, PhD. (UAB Spain)

    – Computer Science 2.0: the discipline future. Guillermo Simari, PhD. (UNS)

    – Reflections about Artificial intelligence methods for Big Data. José Ángel Olivas Varela (UCLM Spain)

    – Los retos de la tolerancia a fallos en HPC. Dra. Dolores Isabel Rexachs  (UAB España) 

  • Panels
    – Where is the information technology industry oriented to in Argentina?
    – Postgraduate studies in Computer Science in Argentina: how to articulate the approaches of the Computer Science Specializations, Masters and Doctorates?
  • XXV Professors of Computer Science Athenaeum
    – Optional subjects and curricular flexibility: benefits and drawbacks.