Is data enough to get information? The role of models and simulation.

Emilio Luque, PhD. (UAB Spain)

TUE 10 th . 12:30 pm.

Computer Science 2.0: the discipline future.

Guillermo Simari, PhD. (UNS)

TUESDAY 10 th. 6:30 pm


Public Policies for the Development of a Knowledge-Based Industry

Carlos Pallotti (Undersecretary of Technological and Productive Services – Ministry of Production of the Nation)

WEDNESDAY 11 th.2:30pm

Analysis of Feelings and other challenges of the intelligent use of the massive data

José Ángel Olivas Varela (UCLM Spain)

WEDNESDAY 11 th. | 6:30pm.

Dolores Isabel Rexachs  (UAB España) 

THRUSDAY 12/10 | 2:30pm