Conferences and sessions


Is data enough to get information? The role of models and simulation.

Emilio Luque, PhD. (UAB Spain)

TUE 10 th . 12:30 pm.

Computer Science 2.0: the discipline future.

Guillermo Simari, PhD. (UNS)

TUE 10 th. 6:30 pm

Public Policies for the Development of a Knowledge-Based Industry

Carlos Pallotti (Undersecretary of Technological and Productive Services – Ministry of Production of the Nation)

WEDNESDAY 11 th.2:30pm

Analysis of Feelings and other challenges of the intelligent use of the massive data

José Ángel Olivas Varela (UCLM Spain)

WED 11 th. | 6:30pm.

The challenges of fault tolerance in HPC

Dra. Dolores Isabel Rexachs  (UAB España) 

Jueves 12th. | 2:30pm.



Session 1: where is the information technology industry oriented to in Argentina? 

TUE 10 th. 10 am.

In this session, the President of The Chamber of Business for Software and Information Services of Argentina (CESSI), Ministry of Production, and a model for the Academic sector of Universities, (might) participate.

Session 2: Postgraduate studies in Computer Science in Argentina: how to articulate the approaches of the Computer Science Specializations, Masters and Doctorates? 

THU 12 th. 12 pm.

In this session, 3 postgraduate/Doctorate studies Directors from Argentinian Universities will participate.


Professors of Computer Science Athenaeum

Optional subjects and curricular flexibility: benefits and drawbacks.

WEN 11 th . 12pm.

In this sesión, 4 graduate studies Directors from Argentinian Universities will participate.

Organizer: Guillermo Feierherd-UNDTF